I tried to make a post yesterday.

But it clearly didn’t happen.

This means I get to combine yesterday’s idea with today’s What I Ate Wednesday.

I tried to shake up my food choices.

After realizing last week that I eat the same thing most every day/every week, I tried twisting up those favorites.

That is one ugly pancake. But none of us look our best first thing in the morning, right?

I started by switching up my oatmeal with sunflower seed butter with…oatmeal pancakes and peanut butter.

I tried to buy reasonable boots.

I need a few pairs of winter shoes for the office.

But bought these instead.

I tried to resist.

The allure of a giant bag of pink lady apples.

But let’s just say I had… “a few.”

I tried a new way to use veggies.

I had squash. I needed lunch. I was ready for a break from salad.

Squasherole was born. And it is delicious. Trust me, this is getting its own recipe post, and soon.

I tried to make “primal” cookies.

For my roommate who has decided he hates life and will no longer be eating carbs or legumes in protest of joy.

But they were terrible. Tasted awful, sucked the moisture out of your mouth and fell into crumbles if you even looked at them funny. The kid’s on his own now. Hand me the carbs, please.

I tried to save a few bucks.

And make my own coffee.

Wood paneling=height of modern interior decorating.

So much fun!! So much flavor!! So much caffeine!!!

I tried to make something new for dinner.

Because I have socca all the time.

40g of protein!

But then I made socca again anyway. But with “beef crumble” inΒ  homemade tomato sauce. Sort of different?

I tried to take a picture of my protein shake.

After finishing a killer variation of the BodyRock Abs Now workout at the gym.

This smoothie-picture thing has yet to happen.


What have you tried recently?