You read that right. I broke my camera. Well, gravity broke my camera, but there’s really no need to point fingers here. So this means iPhone What I Ate Wednesday, oh yes it does.

Luckily I eat the same thing for breakfast, so I could use this picture I took earlier this week:

Applesauce oats with peanut butter. Yum.

Snack: Pink lady apple. My giant bag from last week is almost gone.

In case you were wondering why I love my iPhone–it’s because we clearly both interpret life as the gloriously NEON being that it is:

Lunch is pea hummus and homemade pesti-lentilΒ  balls over lettuce. The balls were somewhat of a letdown (that’s what she said!), but that hummus is goood. (Recipe to come.)

Dinner Round 1 was spinach socca and ground “beef” in homemade tomato sauce. I ate at least twice as much of each as is pictured here–I feel like I misrepresent portions fairly often. I like food, and lots of it.

After a kick-ass squats-and-lunges workout came Dinner Round 2. Yeah, that’s right–I took a picture of a smoothie! (For those who don’t know–I am a remember-to-take-the-picture-before-drinking failure. Apparently I just needed a broken camera to make me remember). Banana, rice protein powder, cinnamon, frozen cherries and almond milk. Yumm.