I have been uninspired to post–a combination of lacking a camera and being generally unmotivated. So I would just like to drop by and remind you that life is fabulous.

New Camera? Fabulous.

I ogled the SLRs, but went with this $400 cheaper (and much more ORANGE) option. Expect real pictures again as soon as this arrives.

Baking disasters? Fabulous.

Fruit, veggies and healthy flours in sweet potato cornbread? If only it wasn’t like eating a wet brick.

Pea Hummus? Fabulous.

Calling it…*giggle*…peamus? Fabulous-er.

Who says it’s not easy being green? Spinach socca with lettuce and pea hummus. I feel so cleansed! So pass me those cookies…

Recipe: 1 lb thawed frozen peas + 3T almond butter + 2.5T apple cider vinegar (or lemon) + seasoning of choice. Blend.

Gourmet Halloween Chocolate? Fabulous.

Gourmet Halloween Chocolate Enjoyed with Best Friend, Boxed Wine and Jersey Shore? Fabulous-est.


What’s fabulous in your life right now?