A gorgeous Sunday followed by a stressful day Monday leads to a lazy Tuesday Tries. You know I’m lacking in blogging oomph when my posts degenerate into lists only…

I tried posting yesterday.

But was trapped at the most terrifying “Motivational Seminar” imaginable. Am I the only one scared by dark arenas, lots of people and crowd mentality led by smooth talkers?

I tried to go on a photo shoot.

I got my new camera! And had the fabulous idea to go to the park with it. But it was cold, so I took this picture of a flower that is much tougher than me, and then left.

I tried to make normal-sized pancakes.

That’s a lie, I didn’t even try. Giant buckwheat pancake for the win! And the simplest buckwheat pancake recipe (left out the sugar since this was smothered in maple syrup shortly after the photo shoot).

I tried to relax.

And most certainly accomplished that mission. Cold mornings, but gorgeous clear blue days that were perfect for laying in the park and reading. Or doing cartwheels and then laying in the grass and reading. So check out book review #1 and book review #2.