Last Thursday I posted about my new-found love of lifting and my muscles (and my desire to make alliterative “Fitness Friday” posts on…not Friday), so today I’m breaking down yesterday’s leg-based workout for you.

I start by running in the morning. 2.6 miles according to I am not a “runner.” I just jog to get moving, wake up and start my day on an active note. If I’m feeling spunky, I might throw in a few sprints or a little extra distance. If I’m feeling lazy, I’ll run most of it but power-walk up the hills. The rest of my workout comes in the late afternoon/early evening after work.

Monday’s Leg-a-Licious Lifting

So, I am clearly not a personal trainer, schooled in fitness or any of that other disclaimer stuff. I’m just a girl who likes to pick things up, and this is what works for me and is what I like doing.

A: Run to warm up. One mile on the treadmill. I hate treadmills, so this is great inspiration to run fast–I get to stop sooner! I run at 7.0 with a few minutes of 8.5 or so. This is followed by a quick/unweighted round of squats and lunges.

B: Grab your weights. I typically use two free weights (one resting on each shoulder) to come up with my total weight.

C: The Legs.

  • Lightly weighted lunge backs (25 each leg, 30lbs total)
  • 10 burpees
  • Squats (50 full squats–hips below knees to standing upright, 45lbs total)
  • 10 burpees
  • Sumo squats with side leg lifts (Alternate sides each time for 50 total, with 45 lbs)
  • 10 burpees
  • Half squats/squat pulses (50, with 45 lbs total)
  • Flying lunges (50 if possible)

Yeah, that’s right, just when you think you’re dead/done, those flying lunges come out of nowhere. Good luck.

And I most certainly do not just frolic easily through this whole list. There’s a lot of grunting, (silent–usually) swearing and rests/weight drops every 10 or 20 squats. I throw in the burpees mostly because burpees are fabulous and also to keep the heart rate up and the sweat coming (okay, it would do that anyway with all those squats!). I know some pushups also made their way in between these exercises, as did some shrugs and side bends.

My next move, and what I know will take my lifting/personal strength up a level, is to start reducing the number of squats and increasing the weight.

What’s your favorite leg exercise?