After using last week’s WIAW to show how effortless/easy it is to get enough protein as a vegan, I wanted to attack another vegan myth: Cost. You can be vegan, eat right and spend very little! Of course you can spend a lot or a little on any diet, but some non-veggies I meet ask how I can afford to be vegan. The answer? Very easily! So let me be tacky and talk about the dolla dolla bills, y’all


Okay, confession: I ate leftover apple crisp for breakfast. However seeing as I eat the same thing 6 out of 7 mornings a week (that 7th is usually reserved for pancakes…), I’m going to pretend I ate my usual peanut butter and jelly oatmeal.

10lbs of Quaker oats from Costco=7.68 (100 servings). One jar of peanut butter=1.99 (14 servings). Peach preserves (home-canned, but theoretically…)=2.00 (10 servings). Cinnamon. Total cost for one meal: $0.42.


One apple. It was $10 for a half-bushel. I’ll leave the math to you.


Butternut squash crumble (recipe to come!) with a side ofΒ  stir-fried tamarind bok choy.

Bundle of bok choy=1.94. Tamarind concentrate=2.00 (12 servings, used 2). Almond meal=3.99 (16 servings, used 3). Squash (free from garden, but theoretically…)=0.99 each (used 2). Divide all by 4 lunches. Total cost for one meal: $1.26.

Dinner (Part One)

Tomato socca with romaine lettuce (enjoyed with home-brewed coffe, dunked in some unpictured ketchup–because who doesn’t love tomato-based foods topped with more tomato product?).

One bag of chickpea flour=5.79 (20 servings, used 2). Bag of romaine hearts=3.13 (comes to about 7 salads for me). Tomato=free from garden. Total cost for one meal: $1.03.

Dinner (Part 2)

Sweet potato-protein “cookie dough” balls.

1/2 sweet potato (free from garden, but theoretically…)=0.50. Brown rice protein powder=12.15 (24 servings, used 1). Total cost for one meal: $1.01.

Total for the day: 3.72. Total for the 5-day work week: 17.34 plus one lunch out.

I certainly spend more during the weekends, but I wanted to show that it’s easy to eat good food and to do it cheap–I didn’t even resort to rice and beans!

Are there any aspects of veganism (like nutrition, cost, ease, etc.) you would you like to see explained or illustrated? Do you set a grocery budget?