The Women, by T.C. Boyle

This book explores three of the women in Frank Lloyd Wright’s life. It was interesting to read this book after reading Loving Frank, a book that focused exclusively on his mistress Mamah. Boyle chooses three (four?) of Wright’s paramours instead and works backwards through Wright’s life to weave the stories of the earlier women into that of the later.

I did not necessarily agree with Boyle’s use of an internal and fictional author of the story, as I believe the book would have held its own without this extra narrator/voice. However this did serve to further highlight the sheer magnetism and personality that Wright must have had. If you like architecture, American history and a  good romance, this is a well-written and interesting book. It isn’t a favorite of mine, and it didn’t suck me in like some books do, but I did enjoy it. And I am interested in reading more about Wright–maybe some nonfiction next time.