I make it a goal to try a new food once a week each month. While I’m usually really good at doing this and I have a lot of fun with it (check out September or August for a success story), this month I only managed to try out Tamarind Concentrate and Green Tomatoes. Tamarind? Excellent. Green tomatoes? I’ll pass.

I may not have tried many new foods, but I did make a great dent in my list of new recipes to try!

Chili & Cornbread

Michelle made me drool with her Drunken Pumpkin Chili, so I made some Drunken Butternut Squash Chili of my own:

The result was amazing, creamy and so full of flavor.

I later made the chili ugly by adding spinach, but classed it right back up with a vegan and whole wheat version of Kiah’s simple Cornbread:

Cutting your cornbread diagonally makes it look extra fancy! This was a good cornbread, but I’m still on a quest for the best cornbread.

Apple Crisp

I made more Apple Crisp. I refuse to deviate far from my all-time favorite recipe found in the 30-Minute Vegan, but I did play around with my sugar options after reading Miriam’s post on options for sweetening Apple Crisp.

Peanut + Soup

I made Spabettie’s African Peanut Soup (and made some more fufu to go along with it!), but my friend and I inhaled it before pictures could be taken. Trust me–amazing. Make it.

Cookies for Friends

And to leave on a sweet note, I made oatmeal chocolate chip cookies from The Veganomicon. And left them out for roommates. Because I’m that awesome (and modest).

What’s on you to-cook list? What recipes should I try this month?