I used the past two WIAWs to show that you can get enough protein and eat affordably while on a vegan diet. Faith had the great idea for me to focus on getting iron this week. Ladies (and especially vegetarian/vegan ladies) should make sure they are getting the iron they need to stay strong and have energy.


Peanut butter and (homemade!) applesauce with oatmeal

Oats: 1.7mg, PB: .6mg

Alternative grains for iron: Teff, quinoa or amaranth products


Leftover chili (no cornbread left, pretend it’s not pictured…)

Pinto beans: 3.5mg, Spinach: 3.2mg

Alternative greens for iron: Kale, collards or hide your spinach in baked goods, smoothies or soups/stews

Dinner Part 1

Chickpea flatbread (socca) dunked into leftover martinique lentils

Chickpea flour: 3.5mg, Lentils: 3.3

Alternative legumes for iron: Soy, lima beans, kidney beans

Dinner Part 2 (a.k.a. “Dessert”)

Gingerbread Quinoa Bake

Molasses: 3.5 mg, Quinoa flakes: 4.6mg

Alternative sweet sources for iron: Raisins, prunes, dates

I chose to add protein powder to my bake, adding another 3.6mg of iron, but have totaled up the day to not include it.


Total: 23.9mg. The recommended daily for a lady of my age? 18mg. Mission accomplished.

To increase your iron absorption, enjoy iron-rich foods with vitamin-C rich foods (like my chili with a squash base or lentils with big chunks of sweet potato), and don’t eat your iron with high calcium or caffeine-containing products.

And keep in mind I’m no dietician. I got my numbers off of nutrition labels and the National Institute of Health, so take this all for what it is–a blogger just trying to show you you can get your iron and be vegan, too.

Do you think about iron? What should I focus on for the next WIAW?