You know you’re old when you look forward to Friday as a day to do nothing but go home, finish laundry, make some (slightly) healthy cookies and finally get some sleep. But the rest of the weekend? There is just so much to do!

  • Bang away at my novel for Nanowrimo. Anyone else tackling this monster project?
  • Craft like a beast. Break out the yarn, it’s hat-making time!
  • Grocery shop. The fridge is down to almond milk and ketchup. That will only get me so far.
  • Go outside. Some of the last nice(ish) weather will be here this weekend, so I better be out in it.
  • Hit the gym. And keep track of an arm and ab workout to share.
  • Paint. Time to get down with my artistic self.
  • Slow cook. Join JamieAnne and I on Monday with your old or new slow-cooker related posts!

What’s on your weekend to do list?

Need an activity? How about voting for my photography submission (or, of course, whoever you feel should win) over at Jen’s?