My ongoing series of how easy it is to eat vegan continues! Check out my past WIAWs for how to get protein, how to eat cheap and how to get iron as a vegan. Due to popular demand, this week is going to feature calcium.

Did you know that plant-based calcium is easier to absorb?


Holiday-spiced oatmeal (cinnamon, nutmeg and ginger) topped with molasses and dried figs

  • Figs=270mg, Molasses=135mg

Another breakfast option: Whole wheat toast or a whole wheat tortilla (~20mg) with almond butter (80mg) and chia seed jam(180mg)


  • Orange=60mg

Another snack option: Baked kale chips (100mg)


“Fried” okra (tossed in chickpea flour and spices then broiled for 15 min) with brown rice noodles tossed in tamarind concentrate and lime juice (I love fresh and tangy flavors).

  • Okra=100mg, Chickpea flour=50mg, Tamarind concentrate=20mg

Another lunch option: Stir-fried collard greens (350mg) with marinated/baked tofu (120mg)


Butternut squash crumble

  • Squash=85mg, Almond meal topping=85mg

Another dinner option: Baked sweet potato (70mg) topped with a broccoli (100mg) and bean based chili (120mg)


Hot mug of almond milk with cocoa powder and, perhaps, a smidge of hazelnut schnapps

  • Almond milk=450mg

Another dessert option: Rhubarb crisp (348mg)

My calcium total for the day: 1255mg

The daily recommended calcium intake: 1000mg

And as always keep in mind I’m no dietician. I got my numbers off of nutrition labels and from this list by the USDA (which shows just how many foods will up your calicum intake!), so I’m just a blogger with the Internet and an interest in vegan calcium consumption.

Any aspects of veganism you’d like to see explained?