What to Do When You Wake up at Two AM and Can’t Go Back to Sleep

2am-2:30am: Stare at ceiling.

2:30am-3:00am: Do some early online Christmas shopping. New camera for the parents.

3:30am: Make tea. Have a fig.

3:35am-4am: Find some new ‘tunes for the iPod.

4am-5am: Consider making pancakes, since you have the time. Make your regular 2-minute breakfast instead. Read My Antonia and eat.

5am-5:45: Go for a jog in new sneaks with new tunes. Realize that running alone in the dark to heavy/glitchy dubstep is a scary, scary thing. Run fast as a result. Scream like a girl when a rabbit jumps out and startles you.

5:45-6am: Shower.

6am-6:45am: Write a novel. Nanowrimo!

6:45am-7:02am: Nap.

7:05am: Leave for work.