I may have spent fifteen minutes scraping ice off of my windshield with a Panera rewards card this morning (someday I’ll invest in an ice scraper), but winter’s not all bad, right? It’s a great excuse for some stuff:

Shopping sprees.

Warm mittens, a warm headband and some warm socks. I am ready to run.


My boss decided to rearrange the office, and I put in a request for a standing desk option. And guess what? My amazing boss bought one! I don’t use it all day, maybe three out of eight hours, but I can’t even begin to tell you the difference it makes in overall mood and lack of muscle stiffness.


I had pancakes maybe twice all summer, and now I’ve had protein pancakes twice this week. In the words of Martha Stewart, it’s a good thing.

Peanut butter.

Okay, there’s no wrong season for peanut butter, but Michelle sent me a wonderful package full of my favorite Trader Joe’s stuff! How amazing is she??!


For the holidays! In less than a week I get to take few days off from work (can’t remember when I last did that) and spend some quality time relaxing with the family. And eating stuffing.

Slow cooking.

Monday is slow cook link up time with me and the fabulous JamieAnne, so get your past and present slow cook/crock pot posts ready and join the fun!

What are your favorites parts of winter/cold weather?