Teehee…this is the 69th book I’ve read this year…Okay, now that I’m done being thirteen years old…

The Gunslinger: The Dark Tower Book 1, by Stephen King

Can you believe I had never read a Stephen King book before? I don’t know if this was a good one to start with, as it is a fantasy rather than horror novel. The gunslinger hunts a Man in Black through a world outside of time with the goal of solving some mysteries of his past and of existence in general.

I won’t credit King with being the most elevated of writers, as his style is almost too easy to read, but the early setting of the story had a neat “feel” to it, and I flew through this book. I left the book not knowing much about the main character or particularly caring, and I doubt I’ll pick up the sequel to this, but I think I’ll try some other King books in the future.