For those who were interested in the vegan pumpkin cheesecake I posted about yesterday, I’ve been told it was loosely based off this pumpkin cheesecake pie recipe from The New York Times.

My accountability challenge saga continues. Thanks to the amazing Electra for putting this together! An update on…

Week One: Fitness Goals

Run my warmup mile in 8 min.

  • 11/23: Walked 4 miles.
  • 11/24: Rest day. Thanksgiving!
  • 11/25: 7:50
  • 11/26: 7:59
  • 11/27: 9:02
  • 11/28: 8:11

Add new moves into my workouts: Decline pushups, reverse pushups (love love LOVE).

Keep running in the morning. This has been a failure, but a rain-based failure. I’ll make myself run in 20 degree weather. 35 and pouring? Nope.

Enjoy the holidays, responsibly. I stuffed myself on my favorite–stuffing–but overall ate really well and kept up with my workouts.

Week Two: Fitness Log

I’ve been hauling my notebook to the gym and am actually keeping track of what I’m doing fitness-wise. This has made me push myself harder, organize my workouts and set up challenges for the next time I’m at the gym. A sample (and barely legible) upper body workout:

I learned that I don’t like logging food, as I eat well in general and keeping track every day made me focus too much on what/how much I was eating–not in a good way. So while I will most certainly continue with logging my workouts, I’m going to drop the rest.

November Success

You can go ahead and ignore everything above this, because the really important news is that… I won NaNoWriMo! Darn right I now have a 50,000 word crappy novella!

What do you think about logging food/writing novels? Have a favorite exercise I should try?