How to survive a month spent writing a novel, having a job, upping your workouts and pretending you have time to be social? Make it fun with some new foods. I try to use one new food a week. I failed last month, but you can check out September and August for other new food adventures.

Week One: Black Rice/Forbidden Rice

What I Made: A bowl of black rice and veggies (avocado, mashed squash and carrots) smothered in spicy peanut sauce. I love the texture of this rice, and it has a surprising amount of flavor. I’m not a big rice eater, but this might convert me. It is much more expensive that white rice (but what isn’t more expensive than white rice?), but I will definitely be buying and cooking black rice again.

Week Two: Coconut Milk

What I Made: Smoothies, shakes and hot chocolate. It’s good–creamy and slightly coconut-y–and I’ll buy it if almond milk ever ceases to exist, but until then almond milk will remain my first choice (and one true love).

Week Three: Salted Chocolate

I’d never had the all-famous salt-and-chocolate combo, so I bought these bars when they were on sale at Whole Foods. Gotta say, not a favorite, but that’s more a review of the company than salt and chocolate. There was no taste of salt in the almond-chocolate bar, and the chocolate in both bars was subpar and lacking in flavor or something. So maybe I’ll try a different brand-with-salt (if one goes on sale…).

Week Four: Rice Pasta and Fennel

Thanks to Michelle for inspiring me to give fennel a second chance!


What I Made: Pasta topped with fennel, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes and fake sausage.

I loved the taste of fennel raw. Once cooked, it didn’t taste as strong, but I still enjoyed it. I’m interested in trying a citrus/raw fennel salad recipe, I think the flavor combo would be stunning. The brown rice spaghetti, on the other hand? Complete fail. Don’t expect me to be buying rice pasta again any time soon. Gummy, no texture, no taste, not spaghetti-slurpable and it all stuck together in one big goop.

Try anything new recently?