It’s fitness Tuesday time, and the accountability challenge continues!


Goal: Keep my warmup miles under 8 minutes.

  • 11/30: 9:01
  • 12/1: 7:42!!
  • 12/2: 8:15
  • 12/3: 15 min stairmill=3 minute mile as far as I’m concerned
  • 12/4: 9:22

I’ve lost some of my consistency, but I’ve also been playing around with my overall workouts/structure, so I’m not horribly disappointed by a couple of lazy days (in terms of running). And the fact that 9 minute miles now seem lazy to me?? Fabulous.

Goal: Add in new exercise moves.

Tricep dips on the stability ball, pushups on the stability ball, pike roll out

Goal: Keep running in the morning.

I pushed myself out the door two mornings in a row despite 40 degrees and drizzly rain. And it actually felt great this morning!

Goal: Log my workouts.

Continued success! And I continue to love how it makes me push myself.


Remember how, oh, only a few weeks ago I posted this collection of my sneakers?

The collection has grown. In my defense, they are to wear at work, and the pink and black Izumis have since migrated to the trash due to a lack of remaining tread.

But oh, the shopping didn’t stop there. Curses on you, Target, for catering to my weaknesses for neon clothing and inappropriately small shorts.

And then my beautiful mother was in town for a shopping trip, and she picked these up for me! My favorite rice protein powder plus a new adventure–hemp protein powder.

I may or may not be snacking on a protein-powder based treat right now–recipe to come!

Do you get as excited as me about new stuff? What’s your favorite recent purchase?