You know what I’m excited about? Life. It helps that I went out for a run in 26 degrees this morning–and enjoyed it! I could have kept going for longer, but, you know, work likes it when I actually show up. And while the present is fabulous, the future looks even better!

This Weekend

New (used) car shopping! I love my Honda Civic, but my baby’s getting old. My dad’s going to meet me and check out some used Kias, since he knows cars and Kias are cheap.

Next Week

College and high school friends are coming in to town starting next week. so I get to see some old faces I haven’t seen in years. Plus I get to take on a semi-pro Rugby player in the gym–I’m ready to squat my heart out! (Hopefully not literally…)

This Month

And by “this month,” I mean Christmas. I wrapped a few presents last night, and it gave me the warm fuzzies. I get to decorate a tree this weekend (parents’), a tree next week (best friend’s) and I might even put up a few lights around my own place.

Next Month

Remember when I house-sat during the summer? I get to do it again in January. Five glorious days of hermit-like living! Always a nice break.

Month After Next

I’m fleeing the country with my best friend! I’m so excited that I haven’t even mentioned it (does that make sense? It does in my head). More news on this to come, of course.

What are you looking forward to?