On the third day of Christmas…

I ran in three times the temperature. My Monday morning run? My usual 2.6 miles…in 22 degrees. Today? 67 degrees, and, drum roll please, 4.3 miles. I may fall asleep at my desk when this catches up with me, but 4.3 miles. Boo-ya!

I’m also posting my third entry about the accountability challenge going on over at Vanilla Bean Lean. This week’s challenge? Shake it up.

Daily Eats

I eat the same thing every day.

…and I’m okay with that. My diet works for me. I enjoy what I eat, I feel good and I have energy, so I’m cool with my food choices being pretty standard.

My Moves

I work out similarly each day…and I know this needs to change–because I want to see change in terms of strength. Since I accidentally started the challenge early with my long run, I’m going to continue shaking it up today. That means starting this evening’s workout with an unweighted version of Lisa-Marie’s 4 minute interval workout from bodyrock.tv. As to the rest, I’m a bit limited by a pulled back muscle (ouch!), so I’ll have to track down some new lower body or cardio ideas. Any suggestions?

What’s a highlight from your third day of Christmas?