My Christmas in review:

I rejuvenated an old tradition.

My mom and I used to make caramel corn every Christmas. We’d bag it up and give it out to family (and make sure we saved an extra-large portion for my dad). My parents moved and the tradition died. Until this year–when I surprised the folks with some sweet and crunchy corn.

I bought a car.

The Mauve-ish Avenger and I are in love. Yup, named him already.

I ate stollen.

Another Christmas tradition is toasted stollen (German bread filled with candied fruit) on Christmas morning. My mom makes the recipe handed down to her from her mom, and someday I’ll take over the baking myself. For now I’ll just enjoy the (candied) fruits of someone else’s labors.

I stuffed and unstuffed stockings.

My parents and I still “believe” in Santa. Stockings are totally the best part of Christmas.

I got presents!

(Food, books and beauty, and clothes.)

And most importantly, I ate.

(Brussels sprouts, sweet potato and turnip hash, ham for the meat-eaters and stuffing. Guess which dish is my featured favorite ๐Ÿ™‚ )


Best part ofย  your holiday?