Thrive: The Vegan Nutrition Guide to Optimal Performance in Sports and Life, by Brendan Brazier

This book was interesting, but it wasn’t new. Oh, reduce stress and eat real whole foods and you’ll feel and perform better? Fancy that. Brazier presents a lot of “facts” and “scientific information,” but I would have liked to see more/better sources. There is a reference list in the back, but it is not connected to any specific statements made throughout the book. Additionally a lot of his information is geared towards endurance athletes (yes, I do realize he is an triathlete), as revealed when he lists “quick” workouts as those lasting 1-2 hours. I’ll stick with my 45 minute weightlifting routines and leave the extreme cardio to those with free time/tough knees.

Okay, despite the criticisms, I enjoyed reading this book, I just took it all with a grain of salt. This book has some good advice for balancing life, fitness and diet. It stresses how important diet is to overall well being and offers great options for whole meals with raw options (and great options for buying Brazier’s products! Okay, okay, I was going to be nice for a moment). I’m not going to take on his twelve week meal plan, but the healthy, wholesome and balanced recipes will keep me coming back to this book, even if the information in it won’t.

A Review of the Buckwheat Pancake Recipe from Thrive

Brazier’s buckwheat pancakes are amazing–they are full of buckwheat, hemp protein and banana yet were still giant, light and fluffy. The recipe said it served two, so I halved it…and still got a ridiculous amount of food. I felt full for hours after eating these, too–and let me tell you, that does not happen often. I’m usually hungry ten minutes after finishing a meal. I found Brazier’s buckwheat pancakes to be delicious, but I won’t lie, they do taste healthy (a.k.a. like hemp and buckwheat), and someone just transitioning to whole foods may not be as excited about their deliciousness as I am. These are definitely going to become a regular meal, and I’m excited to try more Thrive recipes (at least those not calling for ridiculously obscure or expensive grocery items).