I do not handle injury well. It takes about a week before I’ll even acknowledge I’m hurt, and then it’s a constant battle with myself to take it easy. I inevitably push too hard, too soon, or get frustrated with my inability to do what I want physically.

I did something to my back several weeks ago–I don’t know exactly when or what–and my self-imposed rest time is driving me crazy. I don’t want to re-injure my oh-so-slowly healing back, but I am tired of taking it easy on workouts and not pushing myself. So last night at the gym I spliced together a cardio combo I found somewhere on the Internet (yep, look at me, referencing sources…”the Internet”) and lower body elements from day 2 of this workout, fusing them into the following:

Work out: You Can Do It, (Just Don’t) Put Your Back in to It

Warm up= run a mile (8:06 for me!).

Cardio set

  • 16 low squat jacks
  • 16 full squats
  • 16 flying lunges
  • 16 plie squat jumps
  • 20 high knees

Weight set

  • Dumbbell step up (used light weight held on uninjured side only and a high bench)
  • Deadlift (I realize this is a back move, however my back hurts up and under a shoulder blade, the lower back is good to go–I did mention that I’m bad at leaving injured body parts alone, right?)
  • Calf raises (again, weight held just on good side)
  • Side bends (weight on good side only)
  • Leg raise on bench

Alternate sets until you’ve done 4 of each. Whup-pow, dead legs! And the back doesn’t feel any worse than usual today. Yup, “not worse” is an achievement in my book 🙂

How do you handle an injury?