For those who wondered, I found yesterday’s chalkboard glasses at that most exotic and rare of dining-ware stores–Pier One.  So after my temporary side trip of out healthy-land, I’m back and on a roll.

Raw Tacos

Chard leaves rolled around spicy tomato salsa (tomato + serrano + cumin, blend) and red bell pepper, served with a side of cashew cream (raw cashews + water + lemon juice, blend).

Recipe inspired by this raw taco salad. And don’t worry, I’m not about to go raw on anyone, but this was a fresh, alternative way to eat a salad.

Black Rice Sushi

Simple cucumber and carrot rolls–perfect for dipping in peanut sauce, soy sauce and/or sriracha.

The black rice sushi didn’t hold together as well as sushi-rice sushi, but the texture and flavor was so amazing that it didn’t even matter.

And most importantly–one day until I get to roll out of town and house sit for a glorious five days of hermit-like living.