Guess who hasn’t done a WIAW in a few weeks? Let’s change that up.

Somehow, I managed to make “mock” meals all day. What? Let me explain…


Oatmeal. Except not really. I ran out of oatmeal. So I ate what planned to put in my oatmeal–pumpkin puree, pineapple and protein powder (holy cow, “P” party)–without the oats. As good? No. But it was 4:30 am.


Shrimp cocktail. Except (clearly) not really. This lentil flatbread with wakame blended in for seafood flavor and cocktail sauce (tomato puree + horseradish) for dunking.


Burgers. Except not really. A raw meal of almond and flax patties from the Thrive cookbook with a side of pineapple salsa. I know I promised yesterday that I’m not going raw–but just look! Yum!

So I’m off to house-sit in the boonies and take some much-needed hermit time. That means solo cooking, crafting and reading adventures. It’s not so boonie that there isn’t Internet (can I use boonie as an adjective?), but I’ll probably have a limited existence around these here parts. Or not. Some lazy morning blogging while curled around a hot latte would be pretty nice too…

What’s your favorite meal or product that mocks an existing thing?