I’ve told you I’m (not so secretly) actually an old woman and a 5 year old child, right?

You may be surprised to learn that my weekend away did not involve excessive amounts of reading (technically–I’ll get to that in a minute). Instead, it started with pointy objects and bad movies.

In case you missed this modern classic while in theaters–that just so happens to be Season of the Witch behind me. Yup, chose to watch it of my own volition. Yup, even paid to do so. Let’s not judge my taste in movies. I also watched Rango. By myself. Without a small child excuse. After running out of I-should-be-embarassed-I-watched-this movies (and seasons of Gossip Girl), I switched to knitting and audiobooks. And I love this combination.

(By the way–ignore the faded orange-ish hair. Why? Drastic changes are coming, and they’re coming this week. Stayed tuned…)

I ended up with this beautiful finished product. This doesn’t show all the details, but trust me, this cowl is gorgeous. I can’t wait to wear it to work and show off.

But of course I didn’t stop there–had to keep going with this cozy slouchy hat as a gift for my best friend.

I also tried to make some gloves (first attempt ever), but stopped after “glove” as this ended up being sized for man-hands and was far too bulky. I’ll try again, though!

I’m on a roll, folks. I forgot how much I love knitting (and listening to books!)–what should I knit next?