I still can’t shake this half-sick fugue. So between not wanting real food, not getting out my camera and definitely not wanting to go grocery shopping…well, you get this week’s What I Ate (While Under the Weather).


Ginger cookies. Dunked in canned pumpkin (warmed and mixed with a little cinnamon.)


Peanut butter pretzels. They were Costco brand and were disappointing. Disappointing peanut butter pretzels? Twice as disappointing as other disappointing things. I had such high hopes. I ate them anyway.


Curry sweet potato soup…on baked sweet potatoes (guess what I have lots of?), lettuce and fruit salad.


Pita chips dunked in hummus.


A frozen Amy’s samosa wrap (that was still on the, uh, “chill” side when I ran out of microwave patience), cabbage (also microwaved–I was not feeling my most gourmet) and lots and lots of sriracha.


My coworker bought “teeccino“–one of those herbal coffee substitutes–and hated it. I snatched it up, and whipped up a mug full with a little bit of sweetener and almond milk for a late-night latte. Much like nutritional yeast, it tastes nothing like what it’s rumored to substitute (nooch does not taste like cheese! It never will!), but has a good flavor of its own and an amazingly delicious smell.

What do you make when you’re feeling lazy or sick?