Thanks for all the great comments on yesterday’s blue post! (And doesn’t that just make it sound like I posted a depressing entry?)

I am on a mission to clean out my freezer and my cabinets. I am using the excuse of saving before my trip (COSTA RICA IN TWO WEEKS–but you didn’t hear it from me), but really, some of this stuff is just getting old. Time to refresh. And to make a What I Ate Wednesday, Use-It-Up Version.

(I can’t wait for summer and, among other things, real lighting. I apologize for a bunch of weirdly fluorescent-lit food.)


Because I always have oats: Oatmeal bars (inspired by this recipe). Because I had a bag of frozen strawberries: Chia-strawberry jam (inspired by this recipe).


Vega Shake & Go Smoothie. I got this stuff for Christmas and finally pulled it out of the cabinet. I love the health stats (and it doesn’t taste too shabby), but I don’t think I’ll shell out the bucks myself for more once this is gone. Plus I would like to argue against its label as “family friendly.” I like the taste, but holy cow, if you had given this to me as a kid, I wouldn’t have talked to you for the next two weeks. Or two minutes, because I tended to forget I was giving someone the silent treatment.


A little of everything from the freezer. Some really old frozen bean-and-sweet-potato stew, old frozen spinach, old frozen green beans, and old frozen eggplant meatballs.


Pineapple (store canned) and peaches (home canned).


I had odds and ends of mostly empty bags of dried black beans, split peas and lentils. Throw in some home-canned tomato sauce, some frozen corn, a few spices–voila. Use-it-up chili.

What do you make to clean out the cabinets/fridge/freezer?