I was going to write about going to a great show on Friday or about watching the Superbowl on Sunday. But you know what I really want to write about? Saturday. What did I do on Saturday? I went house hunting with my real estate agent. We looked at houses. All sorts of houses. All over the city. And I fell in love with one.

It’s not what I said I wanted. It’s older, it’ll need a little (hopefully just superficial) work, I’ll have to do some bargaining in terms of price…But the back yard is amazing, the neighborhood is quiet, the interior is bright and has hardwood floors. And, oh. Big life decisions.

However I’m off to Costa Rica (!!) on Saturday, so that gives me plenty of time to think (or to take a break from all this thinking). And while I’m gone, I would love some guest bloggers–posting about a big life decision! It can be about a decision to move, to get married, to go to a certain school, to take up jogging…you name it, it’s open to interpretation. I want to hear (and share!) how and why you made a big decision–and hopefully start to feel a little calmer about mine.

Want to get a little extra attention for your blog, make me happy and write a guest post? E-mail me at allieelyse@gmail.com.