Today’s What I Ate Wednesday? Eating in the round!

Once it’s summer, or even spring, I promise I’ll start taking pictures with an actual camera again.


Tortilla spread with PB, two clementines. And some pineapple juice drank the classy way–straight from a can of pineapple chunks. Am I too honest on this blog? Perhaps.


Quinoa and pea pilaf.


Vega shake after breakfast, a handful of dates/dried figs/almonds after lunch, and another PB tortilla after dinner.


Wait–is that cheese? Real cheese?

Yes, I broke bad and ate cheese for the first time in…since I was in Africa. Why? Because I’m going to Costa Rica, and so much of being in another country is the food. I will remain vegetarian for the trip, but I don’t expect (or necessarily want) vegan to be an option while there. I’m not going to go crazy with it, but if there is cheese or an egg in a dish, I will eat it. The reason for last night’s cheese? I wanted to make sure I could eat it, and decided three days before departure was enough time to recover if my body decided to, uh, “rebel” against dairy.

P.S.–Cheese isn’t nearly as good as I remember.

And since we’re supposed to be focusing on veggies for this month’s WIAW entries, I’ll have you know–I ate the entire bag of brussels sprouts that I roasted. The ones pictured above were all that were left by the time I finished putting together the rest of my dinner, found my camera and managed to take pictures.