If you haven’t been following along, I’m in Costa Rica for the week! Today I’m spending time in Monteverde Cloud Forest Biological Reserve, so while I hang out in the trees, Marie from Feeding Five is here with a beautiful guest post on making the big life decision to get married.

Marie shares great family-and-food centered posts, and her blog is a calm and peaceful place. I always look forward to the next view into her centered life and to reading what she has to say. So check out  her moving (and appropriately Valentine’s-Day-themed) post on the big life decision to getting married, and then head over to Feeding Five to read some more about this lovely lady!

Guest Post from Marie: The Best Decision

Hi I am Marie from Feeding Five.  This is my first guest post ever and I am excited to be here.  As my blog title states I feed 5 people daily, plus one dog who happily eats our leftovers.  I live in Southern California and have 2 girls, 1 boy and a wonderful husband who will be the focus of my post today.

I always knew I wanted to marry a great guy.  Marriage is important right?  When I was young I had a list of qualities my future husband must have.  But along the way of dating, crushes and heartbreak, that list fell by the wayside as I chose to follow my heart instead.

I fell hard for a boy who was so much fun.  He was outgoing, daring, funny, charming and very good looking.  I was smitten for a very long time, even when things started to go in a direction I didn’t want.  It turned out he was jealous, immature (as was I) and our goals just didn’t match up.  But he had a hold on me and as I turned 21 I realized I was no longer a kid but an adult who had to grow up.  I remembered my list and realized my boyfriend didn’t make the cut.

Breaking up, like the song, is hard to do.  So I did what any sane person would do, I moved to Hawaii.  I knew if I could put literal distance between us I would be able to make a clean break & be o.k.  It worked.

Coming home from Hawaii I kept my list in the forefront of my mind, but gave the #1 slot to a new quality.  One that surpassed all the others.  Looks no longer mattered, being cool – nope, popular, athletic, rich, romantic?  No, no, no & no.  I knew the next person I had a serious relationship with had to be nice.  That’s it.  Just nice.  Nice to me, to my family, to my friends.

When I started dating Glenn one of the first things that made me fall in love with him was what a likable and genuine person he was.  He was the same around me, my parents, people from church, anyone!  He was himself.   He was confident and comfortable in his own skin.  He wasn’t jealous and he was a fun uncle who loved all of his nieces and nephews.

We have the same goals, values and work ethic.  We support and respect each other, while also giving space.  We (mainly me) communicate (Glenn just kinda nods) and since it’s the week of Valentines I can be as sappy as I want & say I love this man more after 15 years of marriage than I ever thought possible.

When kids enter the picture everything changes.  Yes this man is still your husband, but dare I say more importantly, he is the Father to your children.  Your sons will adore this man and want to emulate him.   Your daughters will look to him to measure the qualities they will place importance on.

I’ve made mistakes, I still do.  But giving my kids Glenn as their Father is my proudest achievement.  The one thing I can say I’ve done perfectly.  If I didn’t love them more than life I would envy them.  Glenn treats their mother (me!!) like a beloved wife who he respects and loves to be with.  He loves spending time with them and teaches them how to work hard, be ambitious and the importance of honesty and integrity.

The most important decision I ever made was marrying my husband.  I knew he made me happy.  I just didn’t realize he would make the life of those I would do anything for, my children, so completely and utterly wonderful.

Thanks Marie! I’m so happy you found the man of your dreams–what a perfect Valentine’s Day Story and what great inspiration for anyone looking for the right man of their own!