If you haven’t been following along, I’m in Costa Rica for the week! While I’m in Quepos enjoying the beautiful Pacific Coast, Eleah from BrocStar is here to share her big life decision to go to med school. Eleah runs, eats tasty food and shares great snapshots into her life. Plus she lives with some great cats. So read her great story about overcoming fear and self-doubt to pursue her future, and then stop by her blog to learn more.

Guest Post from Eleah: Med School Decision

Hi! My name is Eleah and I blog (rarely) over at Brocstar. While I can’t relate to Allie’s decision to buy a house, I have been making some crazy decisions myself, lately. I know the feeling of getting sweaty palms, feeling way too in-over-my-head, and tossing and turning all night wondering if this is really the right thing.

Proof of a long day.

When I graduated from high school at 16, I thought the whole world was open for me. It sounds great, but I had no clue what I wanted to do. I started at the community college. I wasted a few years. I was bored, and busy, working full time and going to school full time. I decided to “quit” my job and transfer to a University.

A university meant debt. A lot of it. It was a difficult decision to make, coming from a family of 6 where nobody had gone to college, except for my dad who went in his forties. I am also the youngest: scary! My parents had struggled with money and debt for a few decades. They were afraid and that made me afraid.

I got over it, and started school. I loved it. With my new found “free” time since quitting my job, I began to volunteer, and found I really loved being in a hospital environment. I had thought about going to medical school so many times, but always hushed the thought with, “You would never make it in.. you’re not smart enough!”

After meeting many peers in my classes who were hoping for medical school, I finally worked up the courage: I was going to do it. No looking back. I would earn A’s. I would spend hundreds of dollars on MCAT study material, applications, and plane tickets to interviews. I would spend dozens of hours filling in transcripts and gpa’s and sucking up to professors. I would become 300K in debt and have no life for at least 8 more years.

Study buddy.

But once I made the decision? I finally shut out the negatives and allowed myself to pursue a dream? Bliss. Pure bliss.

I wish I could end this with a, “And then I got in to medical school…” but I’m not quite there yet. I start applications in May and I won’t know if I’ve been accepted anywhere until early next year.

And with that I’ll say that Allie absolutely needs to go buy herself a house. She will love it and it will be worth every sweaty palm and night spent tossing and turning.

Thanks, Eleah–and don’t worry, the palms have already started to sweat. Best of luck with your journey to and through med school, and thanks for the great post on deciding to face your fears to achieve your goals!