The last in my Costa Rica Adventures series…the activities! (Check out the places and the food if you haven’t already.)

Horse Riding

These adorable, if overly-placid, horses took us on a peaceful jungle ride the Arenal waterfall and back. Mine was named Mariachi. AJ’s was named Aiaeonagdajdgjai. That is my interpretation of the Spanish jumble the guide gave us every time we asked.


Some girls get excited about shopping, some girls get excited about bright green buildings filled with poisonous reptiles. To each their own.


There are no (not stolen from Google images) pictures of the actual event, as we intelligently left our cameras behind. Line after line–it wasn’t an adrenaline rush like I expected, just surprisingly peaceful with gorgeous views of jungle and farmland.


Mangrove kayaking was the highlight of our vacation. It was relaxing yet still active, and we saw so many animals (lizards, funky-colored crabs, birds, monkeys and more).


I don’t know if it’s come up before, but I hate water. I don’t like swimming, I don’t like pools, I don’t like boats, and I don’t even particularly like baths or showers. But how could I go to Costa Rica and not get in the ocean?? And I even enjoyed it for the more than ten minutes I was in there.

And of course there was also a coffee plantation tour, hiking, eating, drinking, exploring and relaxing with books.

I loved every minute of this vacation, and I’m still not ready to be home. AJ’s and my five year plan may or may not include a year-long escape back to Costa Rica…

Would you ever move out of your country?