Thanks for the positive thoughts on my very “Monday” Monday morning. The week is already turning around–I’ll reveal more about that tomorrow…

In the meantime, I was tagged by Marie, Emily AND Jessica in the “11 Things” survey. Now, I could follow the rules and do this challenge the right way, but I’d much rather do it my way. All these ladies asked such great questions, but three particularly sparked my interest, and I decided I rather spend more time answering less than spending less time answering more. Plus 1 + 1 + 1 is like three 11s, right?

1+1+1 Random Things: On Dogs, Men and Books

From Jessica:Β What was the weirdest food/food combination that you liked as a kid? Mallow Dogs.

I don’t know if I actually liked the taste of this bizarre combo, or if I just liked that it meant I was spending time with my dad. When I was really little, he and I would camp in the backyard. When I was older, we would pile the tent and sleeping bags on the motorcycle and go for an overnight trip. And both always involved campfires, hotdogs and marshmallows. Marshmallows on the hotdogs, that is. Charred/in flames (if they were mine) or skillfully melted/cooked together (if they were my dad’s). I fondly remember the sweet/salty combo, yet thinking about it now sort of makes me cringe. Maybe it’s time to try a vegan version (or to ask my dad to go on a camping trip again), and see if it’s the taste or the memories…

From Marie: The love of your life/ideal man in 5 words. Goes Home, Leaves Me Alone.

I have never been more happy being single than I am right now. I love my life, how I spend my time and what I value and prioritize. My free time is my own, and I love how I’m spending it. I’ve been happy being single before, but this is one of the first times in my life that I’m happy-er being single. I can’t imagine a man in my life, and right now the idea of even casually dating someone/getting to know someone holds no appeal. I’m doing it my way, and I love it.

From Emily: How Many Books Do You Own? Innumerable.

I don’t know how I’d even begin to count. I have my bookshelves which are constantly rotating, as I sell the less spectacular books to the used book store and pick up a fresh new (used) pile. I have a massive bookshelf at my parents’ house still, and a closet there packed with childhood/young adult favorites. Owning books makes me feel good. I can’t imagine switching to a Nook/Kindle-type reader, as convenience just can’t replace the feel of a book or the comfort of shelves filled with old and new favorites. My favorite home decor will always be a shelf lined with books I’ve read and a bedside table stacked with books yet to read.