This week has continued to be an emotional roller coaster. While I sort out my life, I thought it might be nice to provide a break from the text-only posts and give you some lighter stuff. Like a WIAW full of awesome ingredients.


After the previous night’s dinner of poptarts and spiked hot cocoa (I told you it’s been a heck of a week…), I wanted to get back to basic and have anything but sweet for breakfast. So…savory oats time! I absolutely love the taste of this combination. Salty/peppery from the lemon pepper, tangy from the nutritional yeast, and earthy from the hemp protein powder.


Pink lady apples smothered in cinnamon. The image is pretty close to the correct ratio of apple:cinnamon that I consumed…


I really enjoy salads, but for some reason I only get around to eating them when there are no other options. Therefore–perfect to take to work for lunch! And I’m currently obsessed with balsamic vinegar.


Mushrooms have been on my mind. And lentil/yellow pea flatbread dunked in soup=savory goodness.


Okay, I’ll admit, this combo may look weird–but avocado makes for the fluffiest and most perfectly textured chocolate mousse. And these four ingredients are all it takes! A delicious treat that’s also full of all sorts of that good-for-you stuff. Unlike poptarts…

So, I clearly get a lot of ingredients at Trader Joe’s and Costco. Where do most of your staples come from?