This week’s emotional turmoil started with a case of the Mondays, escalated to a case of bank fraud and considerable amounts of lost money (in the process of being reclaimed–after a lot of stress and many hours at the bank), and then climaxed with…some of you guessed it…


This house.

  • 950 square feet–perfect for a single lady.
  • 0.45 acres–perfect for a single lady who wants her own vegetable garden.
  • Pristine interior–perfect for a single lady who doesn’t want to remodel (but does want to slap some paint around).
  • Garage–perfect for a single lady who may or may not be a little too obsessed with her car.
  • Free appliances–perfect for a single lady who is about to be on a very strict budget.

It isn’t the house I was considering before Costa Rica. It’s better.

I’m about to have a mortgage (…pending inspection…and the return of that stolen money)–and I’m excited. Time to move forward with a big life decision of my own.