While I sit and wait anxiously for Friday–and the house inspection and property assessment–I thought I’d talk about making eating extra difficult. How? By cooking for my roommate.

I am, no news here, vegan. My favorite roommate eats primal. While a (healthy) vegan diet shares a lot of the same concepts as a primal diet (although neither will ever admit it)–cooking for the enemy is a challenge, to say the least. Unless we’re both eating a plate of lettuce or a handful of nuts, our diets are going to be at odds. I don’t eat a lot of refined flours or sugars, but I do love legumes and my oatmeal for breakfast. He doesn’t eat dairy, but he does love giant steaks and plates of eggs and bacon.

We have a tradition of going to (trashy action) movies and sneaking in cookies or other homemade treats. Because really, why eat $5 Skittles when you can have healthier, tastier and cheaper treats? Last night was my turn to pay for tickets/make the treats.

I went with coconut macaroons. I used Katie’s four-minute macaroon recipe (a slight misnomer, as they do take 15 minutes to bake). I subbed 2T almond meal for the 1T regular flour, but those were the only adjustments I needed for a veganΒ and primal movie treat. And these most certainly were a treat–creamy buttery-seeming soft center, chewy coconut outer layer, and overall sweet deliciousness.

And for those who are wondering, we saw Chronicle, which was not at all the movie I was expecting, but I enjoyed it nonetheless. (Next up: John Carter.)

Ever cooked for a combination of tricky diets? Ever cooked a primal recipe?