Like any desk job, mine comes with its slow days/downtime. And this week has had a lot of downtime. So what’s a gal to do when there’s nothing to do (at work)?


Mango + leftover coconut from macaroons + soaked almonds

Buy Reasonable-ish Things

If today’s house inspection goes well (and don’t think I’m not nervous as heck…), I’ll have a kitchen to stock by the end of the month. Rainbow knives are a completely legitimate purchase, right? I sure hope so, ’cause these are in the mail right now.

Dream about Buying Unreasonable Things

Do I need expensive beautifully colored handmade pottery dining ware? Well, no…

Plan to Do Reasonable Things

Plan what to make for JamieAnne’s and my slow cooker linkup–after a long hiatus, we’ll be back on Monday. So join me in wasting a few (or more) minutes at work googling crock pot recipe ideas…

Plan to Do Unreasonable Things

Like Urban Chicken Farming! And I’ll just put that out there and leave it…

What are you doing/dreaming of doing today?