What do you do when, thanks to new house excitement, you wake up at 2am and can’t go back to sleep?

There is, of course, the classic staring at the ceiling for an hour.
(There was a mayfly-thing trapped in my room and throwing itself against the ceiling, so this activity was slightly more interesting than usual.)

Followed by the classic frantic I’m-moving-in-two-weeks packing.
(Because what roommates don’t want to hear bubble wrap, clinking plates and scrrrtching packing tape in the wee hours of the morning?)

Followed by the classic making of gingerbread.
(Oh, you aren’t familiar with this classic? You should be. This recipe is amazing, vegan if you sub for the eggs AND gluten-free.)

Followed by a great session at the gym.
(Day one of giving the New Rules of Lifting for Women program a go.)

Followed by work.
(Wait–I still have to do this? I thought I’d already completed a day’s worth of activity…)