With all this new house business I’m about to be broke and I’ve been incredibly busy, but I still want to take care of myself. So I bring you a….What I Ate (Cheaply, Quickly and Healthily) Wednesday.

I have a stock of noodles, flours and freezer contents to use before the move. To this I added a stash of well-priced freshness:

I made breakfast:

Really quick bread (buckwheat flour + protein powder + milk + microwave) with a side of really quick “baked” apple (pink lady apple + cinnamon + microwave).

I know I tend to rant against over-processed vegan substitute foods…but just look at the price of a week’s worth of lunch (when quickly heated up with a lingering jar of home-canned tomato sauce, asparagus and broccoli):

More veggies came together with need-to-be-used soba noodles at dinner for another round of avocado alfredo.

And don’t forget snacks of more apple, carrots and almonds.

Quick but healthy meal ideas that don’t break your budget?