When you are cheap, cleaning out the cabinets and busy getting ready to move…sometimes life just calls for a three-way.



Homemade chickpea “sausage” patties with half an avocado (and ketchup).


“Sausage” patty with half an avocado and a bowl full of spinach and roasted asparagus.


“Sausage” patties with more roasted asparagus (and ketchup). Multiply this plate by 3 for an accurate picture of how much I ate. And then still add some more asparagus. I’m going to be peeing funky for a month. TMI? Well, I already told you about my three-way…

And a side note: Final walk-through on the house today…and then I close at 9am on Friday. This business is getting real, folks. I’ll be living in my own house this weekend!