I’m living in my new house, and learning so much. Such as…

The hardwood floors in my house are, indeed, hard wood. Until I can borrow a truck, my sleeping (or, more accurately, nesting) arrangements look like so. (And yes, that wall is getting repainted as soon as possible. Thanks, the late 90s, for that terrible dark red-walled bedroom trend).

Before and after mean nothing. It’s “in the middle” that is most terrifying. What have I done, and can I undo it?  And why didn’t the previous owners paint behind their oven? Not really a hard item to move.

There is a paint color named “Afterglow.” Finding that paint sample may or may not have been the highlight of a trip to Lowe’s (I’m easily amused). I wanted to buy that paint. Just for the name. But I really don’t want a pale pink room. What paint-naming employee managed to slip that one by the boss?

And the lesson I’m still working on learning: Don’t go on Amazon. Just don’t. That one practical item you needed to buy? One bookshelf becomes one bookshelf, one door frame pull-up bar, a bag of coconut flour, two tubs of protein powder, a set of magnets, a wall lamp and two books.

It’s slowly starting to feel like home. I can’t believe I own this house!