In case you couldn’t tell yesterday…my new kitchen is somewhat of a mess. And it’s become more of a mess since then. The oven is now sitting on the other side of the room, I ripped out the hood (don’t worry, some surprisingly intelligent part of me surfaced momentarily and reminded me to shut off the breaker first), my countertop is merely a shelf for painting supplies, and I haven’t unpacked any kitchen stuff. This means I’ve been eating easy, raw and fresh. And way too healthy, if you ask me. At least it made it easy to meet today’s WIAW challenge.



Some dark chocolate, a few spoonfuls of peanut butter and, err, grapes. Can you tell this picture was taken after the fact? Breakfast part two came a few hours later and involved a banana-and-protein smoothie.


A salad of avocado, spinach, arugula and some chickpeas.


Big bowl of raw asparagus and tempeh over arugula and spinach, smothered in nutritional yeast and this awesome sodium-free and vinegar-full mustard I found at Whole Foods. All eaten out of a mixing bowl, because don’t ask me to remember what box I put my plates in.

I’m ready to get in some friend time this evening and take a break from paint fumes (and salads). I’ve been in solid “go” mode since moving in, and I’ve barely sat down (helped by the fact that I don’t own chairs). So, pina coladas, RuPaul marathon and lounging on sofas, here I come.