Life is on the up-and-up!

As if it wasn’t already…

Yesterday: I hit the halfway point with refinishing my cabinets. I am therefore halfway done with never having to use oil-based primer again.

Last night: I slept in a real bed. In my own house!

Today: Is Friday.

Tonight: I finally get my vegan grilled cheese-and-tomato sandwich from The Grilled Cheeserie (a local food truck that isย never local-to-me).ย  It’ll be at a local artist/Farmer’s Market gathering–which I’m also excited about. Fresh local veggies!ย  I just used the word “local” four times. Five if you count that one. Aren’t I trendy?

Tomorrow morning: I get to work. Wait–looking for to working on a weekend? Correction: I get to work overtime. Getting time-and-a-half when you’ve just purchased a house? Beautiful.

Tomorrow afternoon: I get a few more random pieces of furniture and the beginnings of my own garden. And I get to see my parents–when they show up with a truck full of home stuff and a tiller.

Sunday: Game of Thrones, s2e2. I don’t know if my viewing partner has Easter plans, but I’m showing up at his house regardless of whether he’s there or not. And with that last sentence I just referred to my week-ago-rental-residence as being someone else’s house! After 1.5 years, it’s not my home any more…

What does your future hold?