In my last Cooking for the Enemy post I mentioned how it’s a fun challenge to cook for my (primal) roomie and my (vegan) self. Well, he may no longer be my roommate, but we’re still friends with oppositional diets. While desserts (like the coconut macaroons from last time) are usually the standard, I went all out and made a vegan and primal asparagus tart for dinner last night. Roast asparagus and thick creamy sauce on an almond-based crust.

This thing is vegan, primal, dairy-free, grain-free, gluten-free and has no added sodium. 25g of meat-free protein, 40g fiber, healthy beyond compare–and, despite all that, it’s still tasty. I am the picky diet queen! I’m also quite modest.

And in exchange? He made me a blanket fort in the middle of my living room. Fair’s fair.