Let’s play a game: Where in the world is Allie?

Whoops, I gave it away.

I may be here for a copy editors’ conference (dorkiest reason ever for a trip to NOLA? Perhaps), but I’m loving this city! It’s so gaudy and lively. I can’t wait to come back here with…well…not my boss. I like the girl, but…she’s my boss. And the look of abject fear on her face when we passed a stripper in a doorway yesterday evening spoke volumes. As did her suggestion that we go back to the hotel and go to sleep at 8:30, because she was feeling “a little overwhelmed.”

The conference itself is going to be interesting (well, if you’re an editor). Sessions like, “Reviving Singular β€œThey”: Contemporary Usage of Gender-Neutral Pronouns“–Who doesn’t think that sounds fascinating? Maybe anyone who didn’t major in English, but ho-cow, I can’t wait. There’s also a session entitled, “Even Porn Needs Style.” For some reason I don’t think my boss and I will be attending that one.

So, I’ll be MIA until after the weekend (unless we go to bed at 8:30 again tonight…then I’ll have lots of time for blogging), but I promise to come back with exhilarating tales of wild grammar usage and New Orleans good times!