I survived my conference in New Orleans. Barely. Whiny post: Ahead!

The Hotel

The View from the Hotel

The Only Good Meal I Had in New Orleans

Most of My Meals in New Orleans

  • The conference itself was wildly irrelevant to what I do–most of the sessions focused on the importance of shifting your work over to the Internet–one session involved the lecturer showing the basics of Facebook–and was geared mostly towards newspaper/print people. My office doesn’t do anything in print, has an extensive department dedicatedjust to Facebook, Twitter and other social media marketing, and we aren’t run at all like a newspaper.
  • My coworker/boss is a sweet gal, but, well…I snuck out of the hotel at 8pm out of sheer desperation on Thursday night just to wander around and see the city.
  • I was sick in a horribly uncomfortable way on Friday.
  • I have never been to a less veggie-friendly city in my life–much less vegan-friendly. And even the meat-eater stuff was just piles of greasy mediocre seafood–at best.
  • As to New Orleans itself–the next time I want to recreate the experience, I’ll save myself airfare and hotel, go downtown to the trashy/tacky bars in my own city and buy crappy bar food for every meal while I’m there. I know some people love New Orleans, but…I guess I just missed the appeal?

Have you been to New Orleans? What did I miss?

Okay, I hate complaining (although I sure did it anyway), so I will say–I’m glad my job gave me the opportunity to go, and it’s only made me even more eager for my trip to New York City–a place I know I love!–at the end of next month.

And coming home to my house? The most wonderful feeling in the world.