There’s nothing like being home and eating my own food after a cruddy “vacation.” And to make matters even better? My oven/stove is in operation! Which means the kitchen is slowly (slowly) coming together–and that I can cook! Although apparently I’m cooking in 2D. And I flatly refuse to go find my real camera. Iphone photos, ahoy.

Flat Oat Bran

Wait–do I mean pancakes? Nope. I had the ingredients for hot oat bran. I have no microwave and no patience for on-the-stove stirring. So I dumped oat bran+protein powder+water in a pan and cooked. A little messy to flip/get back out, but totally worth it for flat oat bran with crispy edges. Served with sunflower seed butter.

Flat Snacks

A.k.a “Chocolate Bar.”

Flat Salad

Doesn’t look flat to you? Well, it was carried to work for my lunch, so I had to smash a lid on that overflowing container after snapping a pic.

Flat Bread

You know I made socca (chickpea flat bread) the instant I had a pan + heat again. Mixed the chickpea flour with a serving of hemp protein powder for a huge protein kick. Served with an avocado and ketchup. Because when it comes to ketchup–why not.

Flat Treats

Hot turmeric milk served out of the flattest of my ugly mug collection (yup, I have a collection of ugly homemade mugs). Enjoyed with a bowl of stove-popped popcorn and a movie that fell more than flat (turned it off 3/4 of the way through to put in extra work hours instead).

Have a favorite flat food? What’s a movie/book/recipe/life adventure that’s fallen flat recently?