It is a five sort of week.

Five Tries for Tuesday

I tried to be clever. By coming up with a name for my new regular breakfast of oat bran cooked in a pan. Are you ready for it? Are you sure?

Brancake. Ba-dum-ching!

I tried going back to the gym. I experimented with cutting back on my gym time, but it’s just left me feeling depressed, low on energy and overall grumpy. So back at it, and feeling good!

I tried a new smoothie. My last venture away from banana-based smoothies was a failure. Apple in a smoothie? I’m sorry, it’s just plain yuck. Yet I bravely went with a similar fruit to make a pear and fresh ginger smoothie this morning. The result? Creamy, spicy, sweet and amazing.

Have you ever seen a picture of a smoothie and thought, “Yeah, that looks amazing and I have to make it”? If you have,  you’re weird. They all look the same. Like smooshy stuff in a cup.

I tried to update my life. I’m not a shopper. The move made me realize just how unfortunate the contents of my closet are, so I bought a few new tank tops and a pair of shorts off the Internet. That ought to hold me for another two years.

I tried to play electrician. And switched out some of the plugs in my house. I haven’t electrocuted myself yet, so I say success yet again.

What have you tried lately?