Five Things, Five Tries and now…

Five Meals for Wednesday

I eat pretty healthy–or so it seems if you follow my typical WIAW. Where it gets not so healthy? Weekends and Thursday friend nights. Luckily neither of those fall on Wednesday. So in the interest of looking like a responsible eater, the following is an outline of the five-ish meals I typically eat on a weekday.

Breakfast. Hot carbs & nut butter.

PB or SSB enjoyed with oatmeal, pancakes, brancakes, muffins, etc…

Breakfast Round 2. Fruit & protein.

Breakfast Round 2 may involve fresh fruit and a handful (or two) of nuts, or it may involve a protein powder and fruit smoothie. Or it may be this morning and involve a soy latte and a treat…

Lunch. Veggies & protein. In a giant bowl.

Whatever veggies were on sale/looked good at the grocery store chopped up with some lettuce and topped with chickpeas, tempeh and lots of mustard.

Dinner. Legume-based flatbread & veggies.

A great accompaniment for chickpea-and-hemp flatbread? Steamed artichoke and a bowl of nooch sauce to messily dip everything in.

Dessert. Dark chocolate & almond milk.

Or popcorn with raisins. Or a healthy (ish) cookie or two.

There are, of course, snacks involved, meal add-ons and the random fridge snatch here and there, but this is a pretty standard outline of What (Five Meals) I Eat (Daily).

Do have a regular weekday food schedule?