I focus a lot on food around here, and it seems like hydration slips under the table. So for today’s five feature, I give you my favorite drinks!

Five Drinks for Thursday

Flavored seltzer. My favorite thing in the summer. And only good when drank straight from the bottle. Drinking glasses are for wimps.

Tea. My favorite thing to drink warm from a mug. I tried to tally how many mugs of hot tea I drink in the winter. It’s close to ten. Summer gets me down to five. Much more reasonable?

Almond milk. My favorite thing to drink when I’m not in the mood for water and have maxed out on even my daily tolerance for tea. Served hot with cocoa or turmeric/spices or cold in a glass. Or drank straight from the container.

Soda. My favorite treat. Soda isn’t something I drink daily or even weekly, but every once in a while one just sounds good and will hit the spot. I usually go for one of those “all natural” can-pretend-there’s-something-good-about-it root beers or ginger ales.

Alcohol. My favorite…Just kidding! There’s a reason this bottle’s still (all but two shots) full, despite sitting in my kitchen for a month and a half. Plus this tastes like weird fake marshmallows. I do enjoy a good beer or glass of wine–and the occasional overindulgence–but those come more rarely that my soda treats. I’d rather stay in and read a book.

What’s your favorite thing to drink?